Master Carlon is the owner and operator of West America Tae Kwon Do. He has been running the dojo in Mill Valley since 1983.

Master Carlon holds a 7th degree black belt in Kukkiwon Tae Kwon Do, a 4th degree Black Belt in Okinawan Karate, a 2nd dan Hapkido Black Belt, and a 1st Dan Okinawan Kobudo Black Belt.

He was crowned World Champion in 1987, and was also honored twice by the Pacific Sun as “Teacher of the Year.”

Master Carlon has over 34 years of extensive experience in working with students of all ages. His teaching style is unbeatable - he has keen eyes in bringing out the best potential from his students, and expects no less than 100% of them.

He is the proud father of Chantal and Roger Jr., both multiple-time national champions, and martial artists in their own right.



4th Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt
12-time National Champion
Kukkiwon Certified Instructor

Chantal Carlon began her training at the age of three under her father's watchful eye. Tae Kwon Do is her passion in life and she continues to train and compete regionally, nationally and internationally.

She says, "Tae Kwon Do has allowed me to experience so many special experiences like traveling to South Korea and training at the Tae Kwon Do headquarters. I've met so many wonderful people through the dojo and it's really like having an extended family. Tae Kwon Do has truly shaped me to the person I am today."

She loves teaching and finds it very rewarding to pass on the art of Tae Kwon Do and see progression in the students. Chantal graduated from UC Berkeley and is a head instructor at West America Tae Kwon Do.



4th Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt
9-time National Champion
Kukkiwon Certified Instructor

Roger began his Tae Kwon Do training at the age of four. 
He had lots of energy and channeled his enthusiasm into his love for Tae Kwon Do. He was inspired by Bruce Lee, Ninja Turtles and Street Fighter video games.

Roger is 9-time USA National Champion and continues to compete regionally, nationally, and internationally.

He is a head-instructor at West America Tae Kwon Do and says, “Tae Kwon Do has been an intricate part of my life, and it’s really an honor to be able to pass my knowledge and experience to the students of West America Tae Kwon Do!”