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Featured on:

Kiddo! Magazine

Mill Valley Life - September 2011

Master Carlon's picture has graced the covers of many international magazines, with many on display within the studio.

San Francizko


Super Karate for Kids


He has appeared on television discussing Martial Arts and was featured in a Wall Street Journal article on self-defense for children.

He wrote the book "Super Karate for Kids", and has produced many instructional videos
(which can all be purchased at the studio).

Budo Magazine



Sensei, you have inspired us, through your care and love, and your pushing us to strive to succeed in self-confidence and self respect, to move beyond what we see as possible.
Shawn Smith

Sensei, tu es le meilleur, apres papa bien sur.

Sensei encourages me and teaches me that 80% is not good enough! He does this without making me feel bad.
Zoe Feld

I learned so much at West America. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Derek Bentley

Sensei, thanks you for being such a good friend.
Chris Hatch

I appreciate Sensei's dedication and commitment to the art of teaching Tae Kwon Do.
Craig Sultan

Your guidance and dedication remind me that attitude defines possibility.
Fred Schwartz

Thanks for helping me to see that my dream of being in the Olympics is possible!
Melissa Montoya

Sensei, you gave me the will and I found the way. Thank you!
David Lanes

Sensei, I thank you not only for being a wise and loving teacher, but also for being a trusted and caring friend to me and my family.
Trevor Atashkarian

Sensei has not only been my mentor for the most important part of my life, but he has taught me the essentials that I will need throughout my life.
Eric Schneider

Sensei raised my self-esteem be making me feel proud of what I was able to accomplish through his excellent training.
Joshua Kretchmer

I like Sensei because he teaches kids and when I grow up I want to be just like him!
Jake Barney

Sensei, you taught me so many things for which I am thankful: to always respect others and to persevere in obtaining my goals.
Brandon Ross

You have nourished our spirits, so our bodies can follow!
Peter Richmond

Sensei, always sincere and genuine, you are a positive influence to so many young (and not so young) people, thanks for all your efforts. God bless.
Carlos Fretes

Sensei, your teaching has taught me to push for the best in everything I do.
Jessica Link

Sensei taught me not just karate but all about discipline and attitude. He will always stay in my heart.
Kayvon Beykpour

Sensei has taught me to never give up and to do my very best always!
Olivia Simone Jew

Sensei, you are patient, kind and funny, and you have taught me respect and how to put my best effort into everything!

Aaron Flaster

Sensei's teaching inspires me to do my absolute best at all times in every aspect of my life and no matter what the result, always be positive.
Michael Cohen

Sensei, you are one of the most influential teachers that I have ever known, and everything you taught me I will treasure forever.
Leia Hawley

Sensei, thank you for teaching me how to control my body, doing jumping kicks, forms and Tae Kwon Do sparring, and in the process making it one of the most fun things I have ever done.
Kyle Zelinski

Cher Sensei, j'aimerais te remercier de m'avoir appris tous les blocks et coups de pied.

Alexis Schreier

Thank you, Sensei, for teaching me respect, patience, self-confidence and control.
Joshua Real

Thank you, Master Carlon, for your warm wonderful friendship and your ability to bring out the best in my son Joshua by setting high standards and making Tae Kwon Do a fun way of life.
Bob Real

Sensei, you are not only my teacher, but you are like a second father who is trustworthy and respectful with a great sense of humor.
Wesley Newhouse

Sensei, thank you for helping me to fulfill a life goal and for serving as such a wonderful role model for me and so many others.
Jim Durham

Sensei, you have taught me a sense of commitment that has kept me coming back to your school all these years.
Spencer Sherwin

Sensei, you and Tae Kwon Do have changed my life in so many special ways and you are a great teacher who sets a perfect example for everyone!
Julia Feldman

Sensei Carlon, you are our Peaceful Warrior, a truly gifted Master and teacher. You inspire excellence, commitment, passion and respect by example which makes learning a joy for adults and children alike. Thank you.
Ken Feldman

Sensei, you have added a sence of dignity, balance, order and accomplishment to my son's lives; something they now have to build on for the rest of their lives.
Diana Putterman

Sensei, it is an honor to be associated with the best of the best, and you are that!
Dough Partridge

Sensei has taught me the art of joyously perfecting play.
Don Attix

Sensei is where spirit meets wisdom and wisdom meets the body.
Karen Attix

Sensei's "Come on! You are better than that!" is just one of the many ways that he motivates me so I succeed in martial arts and in life.
Paul Toland

Sensei, you are an ideal mentor who has contributed to my maturity by teaching me the discipline of Tae Kwon Do and the soul behind it: respect, discipline and even friendship.
Mamie Rheingold

Sensei, the respect and affection your students, friends and family show you is a clear reflection of the respect and affection you accord them: thank you for the consistent example you set for them and all of us.
Valerie Westen

Sensei, you and Tae Kwon Do have brought knowledge, control, and respect into my life and changed me for the better. Thank you.

Gregory Pine

Sensei, you teach me patience, confidence, and balance and to want to be a better person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Kristen Borello

Sensei: A true Master with a heart that is kind, gentle and caring - beautiful in body and soul, a guide of light who has given me strength and encouragement to overcome my fears and weakness. I remain your obedient student.
Barri Bonapart

Sensei is the greatest teacher I will ever have.
Hiroshi Okun

Respect, integrity, perseverance, completion, friendship, loyalty and a sense of community support are lasting qualities of Sensei's teaching.
Patrick Moore

You are the greatest teacher, the greatest father, the greatest man. I love you!
Hilary Rauber

You have been a great teacher and mentor to me for the past ten years: Thank you for everything.
Chris Eagles-Smith

You are a fabulous teacher, empowering me to do my best.
David Livingston

Sensei is a loving person that cares for everyone.
Andrew Jong

Natural talent can take you only so far. We depend on teachers like you to help us excel.
Justin Scheuenstahl

Thanks for your patience, determination, and all you have done for us.
The Scheuenstahls


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