West America Tae Kwon Do
since 1983
70 Lomita Dr #8
Mill Valley CA 94941

The Home of 61 National Champions


Memorial Day Parade
Our Success

Starting the school in 1983, Master Roger Carlon has made West America Tae Kwon Do an institution in Mill Valley and a legend in Tae Kwon Do competitions worldwide.

The judges nationwide have come to expect to see the famous "Carlon kicks" among the WATKD competitors.

With a success rate, measured by the number of national champions he has produced (53!) the school continues to produce winners.

Our school is well known throughout the TKD tournament scene nationwide and certainly within Mill Valley.

Known for its spellbinding demonstration during the annual Memorial Day Parade through the town of Mill Valley, the school is an integral part of the ethos and fabric of this town.

Integrity in Teaching

West America Tae Kwon Do is truly a unique, one-of-a-kind school that provides each and every student with personalized attention.
We are not interested in producing a black belt factory or a McDonald's-type franchise chain, which would jeopardize the integrity of our school.

Our school prides itself on offering an individualized instructor-student relationship, keeping the best interest of the student at heart.

Sensei at the dojo
Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the school is based on creating better citizens within the community who possess integrity, compassion and perseverance.

The lessons that our instructors impart in the dojang, are important "life lessons" that spillover into daily life.

West America provides a values-based education to students, who take that knowledge and go out into the world to create positive change with confidence and commitment.


WATKD is a District Partner with the Kiddo! Foundation. WATKD believes supports Kiddo!'s mission in providing quality educational programs in the arts for each child in the Mill Valley School District. WATKD has been a supporter of Kiddo! for nearly 20 years!

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